Vibro-egg is a great sex toy, which is suitable for both women and men. The vibrator-bullet (or other name of the vibro) is just a very small vibrator. This sex toy is very functional due to its size. It stimulates all possible erogenous zones. Vibrating will bring bright colors to your intimate life, tk. can bring to the mind-blowing orgasm, and choosing a noiseless model, such a toy will become simply an indispensable thing in everyday life. When you insert a sex toy into the vagina, it is advisable to use a condom, wrapping the vibrator in it, and then insert it inside: the condom elastic is then used to quickly remove the element.

What kind of vibrator should I choose? If you are planning to purchase a device to stimulate the inner area of ??the vagina or anus, then it is better to prefer a vibro, but in other cases, the right choice will be the Vibrouica. And the determining factor is the material. Metal models are longevous, and for those with sensitive skin, we recommend using latex or silicone models. We have a wide assortment in the store. You can buy a vibro-pump (vibro-dam) in our online store!